Heena Dadlani

Heena, the founder of Alchemize Wellness, is a Bach flower registered practitioner (BFRP), counsellor and wellness therapist.

Her journey with alternative healing began many years ago with Reiki, Yoga, and NLP. Discovering their benefits, instilled in her the passion to seek out and master other holistic healing modalities such as

  • Counselling
  • Access Bars
  • Core Transformation
  • Wholeness
  • Crystal Healing
  • Therapeutic Tarot

Her tryst with Bach started with her own profound experience with taking the remedies. The transformation she experienced inspired her to share them with her clients who were looking for a simple yet effective healing modality with no side effects. To delve deeper into Bach therapy, she studied them with the Bach Center UK and began incorporating Bach remedies in conjunction with counselling. It was at that point that she realised that talk therapy, NLP and Bach remedies tie into each other beautifully, They work well together to achieve lasting positive results.

Heena Bach practitioner

All the techniques Heena practices are those that have made a difference in her own life. She firmly believes that in healing it is never a one shoe that fits all; and it is for this reason that she combines therapies to suit her client's needs and temperament to help them achieve their desired results.