Love and fear, both reside inside us and are a part of our daily life. We often don’t allow ourselves to express all that we feel or acknowledge them and in turn suppress them, burying them inside us. We don’t even allow ourselves to feel the love around us. This leads to mental and physical illness.

I reached out to Ms Heena to be able to live and love life fully without inhibitions. I must admit after her sessions and the remedies I had found a new meaning to myself and started acknowledging and experiencing emotions like I have never before. I am ever grateful!

Yogitha M

Early Years Expert and Nutritionist

The batch flower remedies have worked so beautifully for me especially during the times when I was low and all stressed out. Rescue my all-time go to and my saviour.

I fall short of words to express my deepest gratitude to Heena aunty. The patience and calmness with which she hears you out and gives her 110% to every client Is commendable. The belief I have had in her and batch flower has only increased by the day . I highly encourage and recommend to try it and experience the benefits of it .


My experience with Heena has been amazing! She uses a combination of all her skills, be it counselling, NLP or Bach flower remedies to help one resolve their issues. This holistic approach has helped me immensely.

She very patiently listens to the issues and puts in more than 100% to find a solution. Her dedication towards making one feel better gives one the motivation to put in the work required and the hope that things will definitely get better


Marketing Manager

Thank you, Heena, for listening to me so patiently and calmly, understanding my apprehensions and anxiety, and gently helping me deal with them. The Bach Flower Remedies that you suggested helped me a great deal. I also appreciate that they do not have any side effects. Thank you so much.


I had been struggling with heavy workload and stress, had lost my mental peace. That’s when I met Heena, and was sceptical about how the Bach flower therapy would work for me. But I was extremely happy I gave it a shot. It changed my mental state and made me calm down. The therapy doubled the benefits coz it was combined with NLP. Be it any ailment or stress or just uneasy life. Bach flower therapy is the simplest and easiest solution. I would suggest anyone who takes Bach flower therapy to combine it with NLP too. Big Thanks to Heena for making my life a lot easier.


MC/ Model

I have consulted Heena, suggested by one of the chiropractors in Bangalore. My issue was related to anxiety and mental stress. she is very good practitioner and her treatment is natural which is free from any side effects. she listens very carefully about the problem. I was able to control my problem.


Heena Dadlani came into my life as an Angel for me when I was suffering from Post Covid weakness which lingered for 2months . Her experience with Bach Flower Remedies helped me and brought in a change in 4days .
Ever grateful to her for this and recommend others to try Bach flower remedies .

Gopika . R

My experience with Heena has been great. Be it for pain management or my mental and emotional well-being, I’ve always felt that Heena has been with me every step of the way. The Bach flower remedies have been exactly what I’ve needed. She takes the time to fully understand my concerns and prescribes exactly what I need to feel better! Some of the techniques she has taught me to cope with a few issues have worked really well for me. Of course, one has to practice them and do the work to continue to feel better. Also, special thanks to the remedy for covid recovery! Thank you so much for all the support, Heena!


Agile Program Manager

It was a relief to have met Bach therapist Heena. She will make you so comfortable and easy to find solutions to all that which is bothering you with her wonderful remedies that you never have to look back to all those toxic treatments ever. She will listen to you carefully and with patience, even the minutest details and will select the right remedy for you which has worked amazingly upon me. The best part is there is no side effects and it cures you in a subtle way. She is always available whenever you need to talk to her. It is indeed a blessing to have met her, a person with an incredible journey as a healer and a great human being. I am so happy for you and wish that you spread your remedy of love to more and more people across the world. Wish you the best for a great journey.


Manager, Talent acquisition educator

My name is Dolly. My experience with Bach flower has been a worthwhile step that I took dealing with my emotions. I was a person who used to over think having fear and a lot of stress. This hampered my response to daily life situations. As I took Bach flower slowly not only my emotions settled but response to life itself. I have a lot of gratitude for Heena Dadlani who introduced this remedy to me. I strongly recommend her as each one of us go through challenges and this remedy helps you come into balance. Heena works from the heart and understands each individual very well. She is a great listener and taps on the right remedy where you get relief and balance.


I started with the Bach flower therapy pretty recently and was surprised by how fast it works. Within a few days I felt much calmer and my thoughts were more organised. My anxiety about the uncertainty in my life and things that I don’t have control over reduced. It helped me be more aware of the present!
Heena really takes the time to understand what the issue is before prescribing a customised remedy. She constantly follows up and keeps track of any changes so as to alter the next prescription. She is patient and calm and listens to every detail without any judgement, so it was easy to open up.


IT Professional